About NKP

For the last 50 years, the mission at NKP Church has been steadfast. We strive to be a family of believers whose purpose is to glorify God and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through worship, through teaching, through service, and through fellowship.

Maybe you have some other questions about our church. Check out some Frequently Asked Questions below.

What does Norman Kennedy mean? 

Norman Kennedy, actually the Rev. Dr. Norman Kennedy, was a minister who served in Regina, Saskatchewan from 1942-1966. When the congregations of Calvin, Northside and Walter Martin amalgamated in 1974, the Presbytery agreed to the name ‘Norman Kennedy’ in recognition of his faithful ministry and his commitment and zeal for the Gospel.

What does ‘Presbyterian’ mean?

For a technical answer, Presbyterian is a form of church government, meaning ruled by elders. Presbyterianism is part of the Reformed tradition within Protestantism with its origins in Britain and Scotland. We belong to the denomination known as The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

The ‘burning bush’ is our logo with the words ‘nec tamen consumebatur’ which is Latin for ‘burning yet not consumed.’

What does Christian mean?

No, we don’t think this is a stupid question. We are glad you asked! Christian means that we live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, which are described in the Bible. We are forgiven people because of Jesus and we are living (with the help of the Holy Spirit) to serve Him. Maybe you already know this. Maybe you want to find out more about God. Come see Him at work in our Norman Kennedy family.